Tony T. Smith is Proud of His Record Defending LGBTQ Rights

Tony T. Smith is proud of his record defending LGBTQ rights and plans to continue the fight for equality in the legislature on behalf of the people of Assembly District 4.  Tony's uncle Peter passed away from AIDS in 1985, and while that event scarred Tony's family it also spurred them to activism.  Tony's great-grandmother Frannie Peabody, an inspiration for his own activism, founded the largest HIV/AIDS activist organization in Maine. Tony's grandmother Barbara Peabody, another key source of motivation for his activism, wrote a definitive book regarding the experience of losing a son to HIV/AIDS and founded art therapy support groups to help those coping with the disease.  Tony continued his family's tradition of activism by fighting as an attorney to help same-sex couples adopt at a time when Nevada's cruel ban on marriage equality had not yet been overturned.  

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