Tony Will Fight to Protect a United Nevada

The Trump Administration poses an unprecedented threat to the rule of law, to the foundations of our democracy, and to the health and economic security of every American.  That is why Tony T. Smith acted within days of Trump's election to form a nonprofit to protect the best parts of what America stands for.  Now Tony wants to take the fight to the Assembly where he will work to pass legislation that will protect Nevadans from the worst abuses of the Trump Administration. 

"I am disgusted by Trump and everything he stands for - corruption, bigotry, division, incompetence, and hatred of our democratic system of government.  I founded a nonprofit dedicated to resisting Trump's unconstitutional policies only two weeks after election day in 2016.  I now want to continue my resistance to Trump's attack on our Constitution and looting of the public treasury in the Assembly.  I promise to fight tirelessly to prevent Trump's cruel or unconstitutional policies from impacting Nevadans."
                                                        -Tony T. Smith

Protecting nevadans' civil rights

The Trump Administration is openly hostile to any number of groups of people (Muslims, Latinos, women, the disabled, to name but a few) and their allies.  Tony T. Smith will fight to protect Nevadans from any assault on their rights by the Trump Administration, including creating policies preventing State and local law enforcement and government officials from assisting in the implementation of unconstitutional federal policies.  Tony will also ensure the Nevada Attorney General's Office has the funding necessary to fight Trump's policies in the Courts. 


tony will protect our healthcare and economy from trump

The Trump Administration is promoting policies that will strip people of their healthcare, rob them of employment protections, and just generally make it harder to achieve the American dream.  Tony will fight to pass legislation bolstering Nevada's safety net, improving access to higher education, and passing initiatives that will allow full-time work to result in a living wage.  He will also continue his work with local nonprofits, faith leaders, and businesses to find solutions to confront Trump's policies.  Finally, Tony will also work with Nevada's federal representatives to coordinate efforts to protect our State from the harmful policies of Donald Trump. 


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protecting democratic values in nevada

Donald Trump routinely attacks a free press, he obstructed the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, and he supports policies targeting people based on their race, religion, or ethnicity.  Tony will protect the people of District 4 and all Nevadans from the abuses of the Trump Administration by passing legislation backed by federalist principles to ensure the Constitution's protections are upheld in our State.  Tony is committed to creating a united Nevada by protecting the rights and dignity of all.