these are the policies tony is fighting for

Those seeking and holding public office owe it to the people to detail the polices they advocate instead of hiding behind bland generalities.  Tony T. Smith will fight to enact the following policies to ensure we have an economy and political system that work for all Nevadans: 


  • Remaining in open and consistent contact with the people of Senate District 18. Tony will always be responsive to the people of District 18 via in-person meetings, phone, text, email, and social media.


  • Ensuring smart development that reduces congestion and protects the character of District 18.

  • Advocating for public safety by increasing funding for more traffic lights at high-volume intersections in District 18.


  • Ensuring debt-free higher education for every Nevadan by expanding the Millennium Scholarship fund so that any student graduating from a Nevada high school with a GPA of 2.0 or higher can attend any public university in the State with tuition and costs of books paid for. The Promise Scholarship should be expanded so that any Nevadan can obtain certifications, technical training, or an associates degree if they graduate from a Nevada high school, are studying in a high-demand field, have suffered from unemployment due to automation, or other factors.

  • Providing access to public universal pre-K for Nevada's families.

  • Creating more magnet schools and allowing teachers more flexibility to meet the different ways children learn.

  • Emphasizing civic education to ensure students have the knowledge necessary to actively participate in our democratic republic.

  • Implementing policies to address disparities in resources between schools.


  • Passing legislation to guarantee someone working full-time earns enough to meet the needs of life and to save/invest for the future.

  • Creating programs to protect Nevada's workers from the effects of increased automation, including integrated solutions geared toward providing training and higher education while also ensuring people can meet their families' needs during any economic transitions.

  • Developing methods to provide low-interest loans to help people create local small businesses.

  • Strengthening Nevada's consumer protection laws by reviewing the "knowingly" requirement for a company to be held accountable for deceptive trade practices.


  • Passing some of the toughest campaign finance laws in the country to make sure our representatives are working for the people, not wealthy donors. The contribution limits for candidates to State office must be reduced from $10,000 per individual/entity per election cycle to $500 per individual/entity per election cycle.

  • The creation of bold mechanisms to allow public financing of elections to reduce the influence of special interests and wealthy donors on our representatives.

  • Legislation mandating the public funding of judicial races to protect the integrity of justice in Nevada.


  • Working towards entirely renewable energy for Nevada, which will benefit our environment and economy.

  • Developing an Adaptation Plan for Nevada so that our community is prepared for the worst effects of climate change.

  • Ensuring Yucca Mountain never serves as the nation's nuclear waste repository.


  • Resisting the implementation of unconstitutional or corrupt policies by the Trump Administration.

  • Requiring federal law enforcement rather than local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws as a way of creating pressure on Congress to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Removing discriminatory language from the Nevada Constitution banning same-sex marriage.


  • Passing State-level Net Neutrality laws to the extent practicable under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

  • Banning the ability of any Internet Service Provider operating in Nevada from selling or disclosing a customer's browsing history without their consent.

  • Not allowing companies to make the provision of services to be made contingent on the disclosure and release of personal information.


  • Removing the constitutional cap on the mining tax in Nevada so that mining companies pay their fair share toward our State's education and economy.

  • Eliminating the burdensome requirement for a 2/3 legislative supermajority to raise revenue.