Tony T. Smith Will Fight For Every Nevadans' Right to an Education

In the 21st century, everyone has a right to higher education, whether it be a technical degree, associates degree, or a bachelor's degree.  It's that simple.  Read more about Tony's plan to ensure that everyone's right to a higher education is protected in Nevada.    


why is higher education a right?

"I attended Community College of Southern Nevada and graduated from UNLV.  I know the importance of higher education of many varieties, especially as more jobs become automated.  That is why I want to make higher education accessible to every Nevadan without the need to take on a huge amount of debt."  
                                                                                          -Tony T. Smith

In the 20th century, our country recognized that a publicly funded education through high school was a right available to all children in the United States.  In the 21st century we should recognize that an education beyond high school is generally necessary to achieve economic security, therefore we should treat it as a right.  This is why Tony will fight to ensure every Nevadan has access to debt-free higher education.   


tony will fight to guarantee the right to a higher education

Tony will work to pass legislation expanding the Millennium Scholarship Fund so that any student graduating from a Nevada high school with a GPA of 2.0 or higher will have their tuition at a 4-year Nevada college or university covered.  Tony will also fight to expand funding for the Promise Scholarship to ensure all Nevadans, from recent high school graduates to those decades out of school, have the expense of technical school or an associates degree covered.  Tony proposes funding this education expansion by modestly raising the mining and gaming tax rates.  Providing higher education to Nevada's residents will provide long-term economic security on an individual and State-wide scale while also bringing down the overall cost of college. 

Easy and affordable access to higher education is essential as we face a rapidly changing economy due to increased automation.