Tony T. Smith is Committed to Ending Special Interest Tax Breaks for Mining Companies

A few decades back, mining companies in Nevada purchased themselves a special interest tax break in the State Constitution capping the mining tax at 5% of net proceeds.  In recent years this has resulted in Nevada mining companies reaping in $1.8 billion in profits while only paying $100 million in taxes.  Native Nevadan Tony T. Smith will fight to eliminate these special interest tax breaks on Day 1 of the legislative session when elected to the Assembly so the people of Nevada have adequate funding for education and to prepare for increasing automation (2/3 of current jobs in Vegas are expected to be lost due to automation by 2035).

Be sure to vote in the Democratic Party primary for the only candidate supporting eliminating special interest tax breaks for mining.  Early voting runs from May 26, 2018 - June 8, 2018, and election day is June 12, 2018.