Tony's Principles

Tony has firm principles that he plans to bring to Carson City if he is fortunate to serve as the representative for the people of Senate District 18.  Tony believes in being pragmatic, but he will never compromise on his principles.  


Our representatives must serve the public

Our representatives must work in service of the public interest in everything that they do.  Sadly, our elected officials too often forget that they work for the people and not for special interests.  Tony promises to never become beholden to special interests of any kind by never accepting any donation over $250.  Tony will also listen to everyone's voice to help create solutions as a community. 


we must create solutions inside and outside of government

The government is the people in our democratic system.  That is why Tony believes the government has a role to play in offering solutions to the problems facing our community.  But he also believes our government has a duty to fulfill its responsibilities in an efficient and cost-effective way.  That is why Tony advocates for a new type of politics where our representatives work to seek solutions outside of government where possible.  And this means doing more than just talking a good game - it means doing the hard work of meeting with nonprofits, businesses, and faith leaders to find creative solutions to the issues facing our community.  



In the united states, no one should go without basic necessities and should have an opportunity to succeed

Tony believes that in the United States, no person should have to go without the basic necessities of life.  He also believes that every person, no matter the circumstances they were born into, has a right to the tools necessary to pursue success and happiness. Ensuring people's basic needs are met and that they have an opportunity for success is a moral duty we owe to our fellow Americans, and honoring this moral duty will create a better society for everyone instead of just for the privileged and powerful.  



we must prepare for the enormous changes of this century

The 21st century will feature tremendous changes to our environment, the economy, transportation, world affairs, and multiple other areas.  Our representatives must have the bold ideas necessary to confront the massive challenges posed by transitioning from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.  That is why Tony proposes big ideas to make sure the enormous changes this century will bring will benefit everyone and not just a few.     



the market generally works well - but we need a strong safety net

The free market generally works well at allocating resources and facilitating competition, but there are times when the market fails which is why our society must provide a strong safety net to catch people when the market fails.  Tony believes not only is providing a strong safety net is the right thing to do in an advanced society like ours, it also creates a stronger and more dynamic economy by encouraging people to take risks and by providing greater bargaining power to employees.    


We must eliminate bigotry in order to have a true democracy

Bigotry of every stripe is poison to our democracy because it fosters division and prevents us from working together to solve the real problems facings us.  Tony has worked and will continue to work to eliminate bigotry from our public discourse so that our State and country can live up to their highest ideals.