Tony T. Smith Calls for a Living Wage on Moral and Economic Principles

A person working full-time in Nevada earning the state minimum wage makes $17,160 per year before taxes.  As of 2017 the annual cost to raise a child is about $13,000.  The cheapest rent in Las Vegas is about $8,400 per year.  It is clear looking at these numbers that someone working full-time cannot meet the basic necessities of life, let alone have enough to save.  And this applies to middle-class incomes as well, when the cost of student loans and  increasing medical expenses are factored into the equation, coupled with the Republicans' tax legislation targeting the middle class.     

This is why Tony is proposing that Nevada join several other states in enacting a livable wage that ensures anyone working full-time earns a wage sufficient to live on and to save or invest for the future.