Making Mental Health a Priority 

"As someone who has personally dealt with mental health issues and that has helped family and friends through their struggles with anxiety and depression, I know our community must invest to improve access to mental health services.  We also as individuals should work to end any stigma surrounding mental health.  We think no less of a person that goes to the doctor to treat a broken bone - we should not think any less of a person that seeks treatment for mental health issues."  
                                                                                                            -Tony T. Smith

Nevada ranks second to last among the States in access to mental health services.  Tony T. Smith is running for Assembly to improve this shameful situation by fighting for a massive investment into our mental healthcare system to create economic incentives that will increase the number of mental health professionals in our community.  Increasing the number of mental health professionals is necessary to lower the cost of mental health services for private citizens, provide better care at State mental health facilities, increase access to mental health services for CCSD students, and allow children involved in the foster care and juvenile offender system the mental healthcare they need.  Tony also will continue to work to increase awareness of treatment options among the over 2/3 of Nevadans with untreated mental health issues.  


access to mental healthcare for students

Early access to mental health services increases the likelihood of successfully addressing issues that can hinder an entire life.  This is why Tony T. Smith is proposing initiatives that will increase access to mental healthcare professionals on school campuses.  Schools in our community have already seen success with this and there is no reason this program should not be expanded to benefit all Nevada children.