Get to Know Tony!

Tony T. Smith is running for the Nevada Assembly so he can work for the people of District 4.  That is why Tony wants you to get to know him.  Scroll down to learn more!


Tony is a lifelong nevadan and longtime advocate for the public interest

Tony T. Smith was born and raised in Las Vegas.  He graduated from Las Vegas Academy before receiving his bachelor's degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  After graduating from law school, Tony started his own law practice where he offered low-cost legal services to the community.  Tony then worked for the public as a law clerk, where his efforts helped his judicial department remain the most efficient at Family Court.  


tony is dedicated to family... 

Family is the most important thing in Tony's life.  Tony is in a committed relationship and enjoys spending time with his many relatives in Las Vegas.  Tony understands that your family is just as important to you, which is why he is working to make sure all Nevada families can count on an Honest Deal. 


...and committed to the community

Tony has worked to serve the community since his college years.  Tony has volunteered his time to local charities and provided pro bono legal services.  During his time as a law clerk, Tony protected members of our community by uncovering a scheme targeting local immigrants run by an unscrupulous local attorney.  


tony has real experience

Tony has had a variety of experiences that leave him qualified to represent the people of Assembly District 4.  Tony has worked in the retail industry, as a legal courier, as an attorney, and as a civil servant.  He understands what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck and to take on debt to pursue a higher education.  It is important to have a representative with a background in the real world.