Tony Will Fight to Protect an Open Internet and Your Privacy

An open Internet is necessary for our ability to innovate, organize, and communicate.  The people also have an inherent right to privacy.  Despite this, Congress and the FCC are acting to limit the free flow of information and have even allowed our browsing history to be sold without our permission.  Tony T. Smith will make sure that the rights to privacy and information are protected for all Nevadans.  


Tony is working to protect an open internet

Tony believes that an open Internet is crucial to our ability to communicate, innovate, and organize.  Despite this, the FCC and Republican Congress are trying to pass legislation that would make it easier for your Internet Service Provider to charge you more to access certain websites.  This means that giant corporations can pay Internet Service Providers to block competitions from small start-ups.  It also means that small nonprofits and political advocacy websites would never be able to reach an audience.

Tony will fight to pass legislation that prohibits any Internet Service Provider doing business in Nevada from charging you more to access certain websites over others.  


Your Privacy is your right

Tony believes your privacy is your right, and he will do everything he can to protect this right.  Tony proposes legislation that will make it illegal for any company doing business in Nevada to sell your personal information without your consent.  He will also advocate laws prohibiting any company from making the use of its services contingent on the sale of your personal information.