Fighting for Affordable Housing for Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the worst metropolitan areas in the nation when it comes to access to affordable housingTony T. Smith is fighting to protect the ability of every Nevadan to access affordable housing.  


the fight for affordable housing

In San Francisco, the median cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment is $3,240.  While the affordable housing crisis in Las Vegas is nowhere near this bad yet, we must act now to prevent the affordable housing situation in our community from spiraling out of control.  To be clear, affordable housing will have virtually no impact on home equity - it is a matter of ensuring hard working people have decent affordable housing for them and their families.  Tony will fight to enact the following solutions to make sure all Nevadans have access to affordable housing.    


solutions to ensure affordable housing

  • Creating collaborative ventures between government and nonprofits to utilize existing potential housing infrastructure and incentives to help renters build equity that can be used toward the purchase of a home. 
  • Developing a concerted effort with nonprofits to provide housing for the temporarily and chronically homeless.
  • A complete review of our community's zoning laws so they can be updated for this century and in a way that will increase affordable housing.
  • Providing economic incentives for employers to offer housing assistance benefits to employees.