Tony T. Smith is Running for Nevada Assembly to Create an Honest Deal for All Nevadans


Tony T. Smith is running to represent the people of Assembly District 4 so we can create an Honest Deal for all Nevadans.  Tony believes that the primary job of our political representatives is to protect and improve the interests for all people, not just the most powerful.  That is why Tony will reach out to every resident of District 4 to create solutions inside and outside of government.  And you'll know that Tony will always be representing you because he refuses to accept any donation over $250.  

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help create a fair deal for all nevadans

Tony T. Smith is dedicated to creating a Fair Deal, a program of legislation and community initiatives that will improve the lives and opportunities of all Nevadans, not just the powerful.  Learn more about the new type of politics Tony will forge if he is fortunate enough to serve as your representative.  

Learn more about tony t

Tony T. Smith is running to represent the people of District 4 in the Nevada Assembly and if he is fortunate enough to win he will be working for you, so get to know him.  Click the link to learn more about Tony, a lifelong Nevadan and longtime advocate for a government and institutions that work for everybody, not just the powerful.