We are Fighting Every Day to Deliver a Fair Deal for All Nevadans


Welcome to the Bluebird Democrats.  We are a grassroots organization dedicated to creating a better Nevada for all of its residents.  

For too long and in too many ways, the Democratic Party has lost its way.  It is time to be clear about what the Democratic Party of the 21st century has to offer – a future with economic prosperity and without poverty, a society where equality under the law is put into practice, a world where we know we can handle any challenge together without fear of failure.  And the Democratic Party's work must not stop with advocating and legislating - it must coordinate with local organizations and residents to practice what it preaches by finding work for those in search of a job, feeding the hungry, and helping people find affordable housing, which will strengthen social bonds and allow us to pass legislation solving these problems.

To accomplish this we have crafted a package of policies, direct actions, and guiding principles that we will urge the Nevada Democratic Party and everyone running as a Democrat in Nevada to adopt.  Explore the links below and get involved!  



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