We must reduce the human & financial toll of gun violence 

Our country and community have been plagued in recent years by an epidemic of gun violence: mass shootings, homicides, accidental deaths, and suicides.  Nevada has a firearm mortality rate well above the national average.  Tony T. Smith believes there is a fundamental right to self-defense and to firearm ownership, but something must be done to reduce the human and financial toll gun violence takes on our society.  It is time to end the same cycle we see after every mass shooting where there is a public outcry to figure out ways to prevent more carnage, only to have the debate come to an end once the gun lobby starts threatening our representatives it has paid off.

"It is clear we need policies that will break through the logjam we have when it comes to fighting the horrific toll gun violence takes on our society.  And something that weighed heavy on me in the days after the massacre on the Strip was the knowledge that hundreds of people in our community would have to spend months, years, or lifetimes dealing with the financial cost of the shooting.  That is what led me to the conclusion that if nothing else is done, we must at least find a way to save innocent people from bearing the tremendous financial costs imposed by gun violence and we must act now." 
                                                                                                            -Tony T. Smith

no innocent victim should ever bear the financial toll of gun violence

Victims of the shooting attack on the Strip not only had to cope with physical wounds, but many also had to deal with the financial burden of their injuries.  It is unjust that victims are forced to bear the financial toll of gun violence.  We of course need to act to lessen the human toll of gun violence, but we can act right now to expand the Nevada Victims of Crime Program so that no innocent victim of gun violence in Nevada is never left on their own to deal with the financial burden.



Nevada should establish a gun violence fund to compensate society for the enormous financial toll of gun violence

Gun violence costs society at large at between $100 billion and $229 billion per year.  This enormous cost - which includes lost wages, medical bills, and lower property values - comes from criminal acts, accidents, and suicides.  It is not right that society at large is forced to bear this financial cost.  This is why Tony T Smith will fight to establish a Gun Violence Fund that will go towards specific entities impacted by gun violence, such as hospitals and law enforcement agencies, with any remainder going toward the general fund to compensate for the incalculable costs of gun violence on Nevadans.  Tony also will propose measures to create economic incentives for firearm owners to obtain firearm liability insurance, which will further lessen the financial toll of gun violence on society.   



increase state level research into gun violence

The Gun Lobby has used its money to prevent any federal funding for research into gun violence for the past 20 years.  Tony T. Smith will work to increase funding for Nevada's colleges and universities to conduct research into gun violence so we can figure out the best ways to confront gun violence while respecting the right to bear arms. 



all new purchases of firearms should require a practical skills course

Nevada already requires a practical course in order to obtain a concealed carry permit.  The reason for this is to ensure proper operation and knowledge of firearm safety skills.  The same simple requirement should apply in general for all new firearm purchases in Nevada to ensure people who have never owned a firearm have training that will reduce the likelihood of accidental death.