Tony Will Fight to Put Money in Nevadans Pockets by Slashing Energy Costs

Energy is the single biggest part of the world economy.  Part of giving Nevadans an Honest Deal is dramatically lowering our energy costs, which will put more money into the pockets of consumers and will allow businesses to invest more in innovation instead of overhead.  Tony has a plan to have 70% of the Nevada economy running on renewable energy by 2025, less than a decade away.


renewable energy puts money in your pocket

Having an energy supply that is 70% renewable is not a distant dream.  Germany already had over 85% of its energy from renewable sources by 2016, which dramatically lowered consumer energy costs.  This means more money to save, to pay for college, or to invest in a new idea or project.  Energy costs this low also mean business will be spending less on overhead and more on expansion and research.