Tony T. Smith Will Fight to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Billions of dollars are spent by large corporations, organizations, and wealthy individuals every election cycle to influence our elected officials, with tens of millions spent right here in Nevada.  Tony T. Smith believes this type of unregulated money in our political system prevents the people's voice from being heard, and ultimately prevents us from having a true democracy.  Part of providing an Honest Deal for Nevada is getting big money out of politics.  And since Tony is running a "practice what you preach" campaign, he refuses to take any contribution over $250, so you know he will always be representing you and not powerful special interests.   


Why tony wants to get big money out of politics

Tony believes our current campaign finance laws are too weak and allow what amounts to legalized bribery of our elected officials.  This is why he wants to pass the strictest campaign finance legislation in the country to get big money out of Nevada's politics so that our elected officials listen to the people and not to powerful special interests.  To be clear, Tony wants citizens to be able to express themselves by choosing to donate to political campaigns, but donations must be limited to prevent big money from distorting our political process.

Unregulated money in politics poisons every part of our democracy, including right here in Las Vegas.  For example, the head of local political consulting firms Organized Karma and Alchemy Associates, which each donated thousands to several local candidates in recent elections, registered as a lobbyist for Saudi Arabia, showing how unregulated money in politics can taint even candidates with honest intentions and call into question who they really represent.   


you know tony will always be representing you

Tony T. Smith is running a "practice what you preach" campaign, which is why he refuses to take any donation over $250.  That is how you know Tony's positions are his own and that he will always be acting on your behalf, not for powerful special interests.      


Why Am I capping Donations at $250?

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