Tony Will Fight for an Economy that Works for Every Nevadan

Tony T. Smith is pursuing policies to set Nevada on the path to prosperity well into the 21st century.  Tony is motivated by the principles that honest work should result in honest pay, that we need a government that works for us, that the people of Nevada deserve tax fairness, and that we need to allow people room to innovate.    


Honest pay for honest work 

A person working full-time in Nevada earning the state minimum wage makes $17,160 per year before taxes.  As of 2017 the annual cost to raise a child is about $13,000.  The cheapest rent in Las Vegas is about $8,400 per year.  It is clear looking at these numbers that someone working full-time cannot meet the basic necessities of life, let alone have enough to save.  And this applies to middle-class incomes as well, when the cost of student loans and  increasing medical expenses are factored into the equation.  That is why Tony is proposing that Nevada join several other states in enacting a livable wage that ensures honest work results in honest pay sufficient to save or invest for the future.     


let government work for the people 

The Nevada Constitution currently requires a 2/3 majority to pass ANY tax increase, no matter how much such an increase would produce more jobs.  That is why Tony will work to pass the Let Government Work Amendment to our Constitution so any tax increase that will result in job growth only requires a simple majority for passage.  


End Unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and allow people to innovate

Tony wants to end any unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship in Nevada by enacting a comprehensive review of existing occupational licensing requirements.  We need commonsense regulations to protect the public and ensure basic quality standards, but any needless regulations need to be immediately rescinded.  

Tony also wants to create a government that is efficient and as responsive to the people as possible.  That is why he will propose legislation to make it easier for citizens to provide active input during the legislative sessions and to streamline government services through an emphasis on technological innovation.  


Slash energy costs to create an economic boom

Energy is the single biggest part of the world economy.  Part of giving Nevadans an Honest Deal is dramatically lowering our energy costs, which will put more money into the pockets of consumers and will allow businesses to invest more in innovation instead of overhead.  Tony has a plan to have 70% of the Nevada economy running on renewable energy by 2025, less than a decade away.

Having an energy supply that is 70% renewable is not a distant dream.  Germany already had over 85% of its energy from renewable sources by 2016, which dramatically lowered consumer energy costs.  This means more money to save, to pay for college, or to invest in a new idea or project.  Energy costs this low also mean businesses will be spending less on overhead and more on expansion and research.  


We must have tax fairness

Nevada's current methods of raising revenue are inefficient products of an earlier time.  For example, Nevada is among the world's largest producers of gold, yet the mining companies profiting off of our State's natural resources only pay a 5% tax rate due to outdated provisions in the Nevada Constitution.  This is why Tony advocates a renewal of the nearly successful effort to amend our State Constitution to remove the mining tax cap.

Tony also believes in tax fairness, that tax rates should be based on one's ability to pay.  This is why Tony proposes a review of Nevada's revenue sources to make sure that Nevada leads the nation by demonstrating a state without a personal income tax can implement tax fairness and raise sufficient revenue to create a robust economy and community.  For example, Tony wants to implement legislation to lower vehicle registration fees for lower and middle income families and individuals while increasing fees for luxury vehicles.